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Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

In the state of Delaware it is a crime to be in possession of illegal drugs, narcotics and controlled substances.  It is also illegal to possess any tools, devices or instruments that may be used to take, ingest, inhale or inject those drugs, narcotics or substances. If you are caught with and arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia it should be taken very seriously. It is a crime that will haunt you and follow you around for years to come if convicted.

Should you find yourself in the unfortunate position of facing drug paraphernalia charges it is in your best interest to get in touch with a Delaware Drug Crime Defense Attorney immediately. If you feel you have a drug problem and want help, I will convey that in court in an effort to get you the help you need to put your life back together.

Types of Drug Paraphernalia

Any number of instruments, tools, household devices and everyday utensils can be considered drug paraphernalia by law enforcement officials. Everyday examples and the drugs they are used for are:

  • Wrapping/Rolling Papers (used to roll drugs into cigarette form)
  • Plastic Bags/Baggies (used to transport and deliver specific amounts of narcotics)
  • Scales (used to weigh drugs for sale/distribution)
  • Bongs (marijuana/hashish)
  • Bowls (marijuana/hashish)
  • Pipes (marijuana/hashish)
  • Spoons (heroin/crack cocaine)
  • Light Bulbs (crystal methamphetamine)
  • Syringes (heroin/anabolic steroids/performance enhancing drugs)

Drug Paraphernalia Laws in Delaware

Delaware has very strong laws regarding possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances. It also has equally as harsh penalties for drug paraphernalia possession, sale and distribution. If you are caught being in possession of drug paraphernalia with intent to use it is classified is a misdemeanor in the state of Delaware. However making, manufacturing, selling and delivering drug paraphernalia in Delaware is considered a felony. If arrested and convicted it will be a class G felony. Should you sell or deliver drug paraphernalia to a minor in Delaware you can be convicted of a class E felony. Being arrested for being in possession of drug paraphernalia is an extremely serious offense. Retaining a qualified Dover Delaware Drug Paraphernalia Defense Attorney is absolutely in your best interest as you stand to lose a lot if convicted of a drug crime.

What Not To Do If Facing Delaware Criminal Charges

Do not run, ignore the situation, skip bail or not show up for court. All that will do is make matters much worse for you. A bench warrant will be issued for your arrest if you do not fulfill any and all legal obligations related to your arrest. That involves showing up for court, completing any classes that will allow you to get your license back and court ordered community service. Any contact with Delaware police will result in you being arrested and taken into custody immediately. Do the right thing and show up for court so that you can put this situation behind you.

Contact a Newark Delaware Drug Crime Defense Lawyer

Being arrested for a drug crime in Delaware carries with it many severe legal, administrative and financial consequences if convicted. The ramifications of a drug crime conviction are very difficult to escape and can haunt you years after the conviction. In the immediate future your freedom can be taken away. Your employability can be impacted, you may have trouble securing housing and your ability to continue your education may be effected. Let me, an experienced Delaware Drug Crime Attorney fight for your rights. Call me, Newark, Delaware Drug Crime Defense Lawyer Brian J. Chapman at 302-455-0505 or click here to email my office.

I offer free consultations to those facing drug possession, drug paraphernalia, forged prescriptions and narcotic charges in Delaware.