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Thank you again and I hope we never see each other again unless it's to expunge his other issue on his 21st birthday and celebrate with a dinner on us. If I can ever be of any help to you please let me know.
My wife and I hired Mr. Brian Chapman to defend our son on a DUI charge along with some other related charges in Newark, Delaware. My son was in quite a bit of trouble and was facing some serious consequences. However, immediately upon meeting Mr. Chapman, he made us feel comfortable and put all of our anxiety and uneasiness to rest and told us he would be able to work out some type of deal for our son. What he was able to do far exceeded our expectations. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the process and our numerous questions, Mr. Chapman is a very patient, compassionate, understanding and a non judgmental attorney. We were extremely happy with the ease of communication and the timely matter in which our questions were answered. I would strongly recommend Brian Chapman as an attorney!!!!

Doug & Cathy December 28, 2013

I would like to provide kudos to the services and professional ability of Brian J. Chapman, Esquire and also his Paralegal, Ms. Laure Kobosko. All of my dealings with Brian and Laura with reference to my family’s case were positive, informational and well handled. Brian provided extremely accessible advice and service, a willingness to understand and listen to all concerns- and his counsel was both extremely well informed and prompt in handling our legal matter. His knowledge of the circumstances and process surrounding the legal issue “at hand” was comprehensive and proved to be very accurate in affecting a very favorable outcome. Additionally, his local understanding of the “legal landscape” in Newark was very valuable.

All my communication was promptly and completely responded to and the personal and understanding way in which we were assisted was both helpful and reassuring. Our experiences with the law office of Mr. Brian Chapman were much to our satisfaction- and I would heartily recommend his professional services to others.

R. Costello December 28, 2013

I have little to report with regards to my experience with the Delaware court system. This slightly surprising statement is because of the work of Brian J. Chapman, the Wilmington-based criminal defense attorney. Throughout my experience with Mr. Chapman, I have found him to take on all the legal proceedings and paperwork related activities involved in the process, leaving little to nothing for myself to personally do or worry about.
Mr. Chapman’s client-centered approach is displayed in every aspect of his representation. Whether I am calling with a comment, concern, or simply inquiring about an update, he is always available for discussion, no matter the situation. Moreover, his easy-going attitude yet stern belief in representing you and your rights puts any client at ease. It is this client-first philosophy, as well as his first-rate knowledge in the field of law that encourages me to recommend Mr. Chapman to anyone seeking a criminal defense attorney.
Based on my personal experience with Brian Chapman, I thoroughly believe he is one of the best, if not the best, legal representatives in the state of Delaware. Therefore, I strongly recommend the law office of Brian J. Chapman for any criminal or defense attorney needs.

Brian L. December 28, 2013