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Minimum Sentences for Misdemeanors in Delaware

Misdemeanors in Delaware are part of everyday life for the people of the state. The incidence of misdemeanors in some parts of Delaware are higher than others because of the close proximity to large cities such as Philadelphia. Crime in Delaware in general has gone down in the past few years. The crime index rating for Wilmington, Delaware in 2011 was 714 while the national average was at 319. But that is an improvement over the past crime data that saw three of the previous five years have a crime index that was over 800.

Misdemeanors include such crimes as:

The first time that you are charged with a misdemeanor will bring about relatively light punishment. You may have to pay a fine or, at the worst, spend a night or two in jail. The hope is that the experience with having to deal with the legal system will inspire you to use better judgment in the future and avoid being arrested for similar crimes. Crimes such as disorderly conduct can be avoided by simply learning to reason with people as opposed to always trying to get your way by being loud and belligerent.

Consequences of Arrest

Charges such as reckless endangerment tend to follow a person for several years. If you are arrested on similar charges within a year or two of your initial arrest, then the police are going to start to suspect a trend that indicates issues with your personality. The police will keep a close eye on you and future penalties for similar crimes will become steadily more serious. The fines will increase, the jail time will increase and you may find yourself on probation or doing an extended sentence of public service.

Some of the more personal misdemeanors in the state of Delaware include offensive touching or any form of harassment. Make no mistake about it, the police consider these charges to be very serious and a pattern of being arrested for these crimes could find you battling legal issues for many years. More serious crimes, such as rape and assault, often find their beginnings in harassment charges. The police keep detailed records of these kinds of events and will use your history against you if you persist on committing these kinds of crimes.

There is a list of repercussions that a judge could use in the case of a misdemeanor in Delaware. Along with fines, jail time and community service, you could also be facing punishments such as:

  • Mandatory Counseling
  • Regular Court Reviews
  • Extended Probationary Periods

Sometimes people make mistakes and do things that they are not proud of. If you get arrested for a misdemeanor, it is something that you should take very seriously. It is not a game to the state of Delaware, which means that you should not treat it as a game either. You need to hire an experienced attorney who can argue your case in court for you and get you a sentence that will not affect your future in a significant way. A good attorney can talk to the courts to get you a reduced sentence, but also get you the help you may need to prevent these problems in the future. For example, a charge of urinating in public could have alcoholism as its underlying cause. A good lawyer can help you to identify those causes and find solutions to your problems.

Taking the Charges Seriously

But why is it so important to take a misdemeanor charge in Delaware so seriously? Once the fine is paid and the community service is over, that should be the end of it, right? That is not exactly the truth. Most people do not realize the long-term implications even crimes like misdemeanors can have when it comes to their futures.

If you have ever read a job application closely, you will see that most of them ask you to list felonies and misdemeanors of which you have been convicted. If you try to lie, then a simple public court records search will find the lie and cost you the job. If you tell the truth, then the misdemeanor itself could make certain that you never get the job you want. It could take years before the misdemeanor stops having an effect on your ability to get the kind of job that you have always wanted.

Certain misdemeanors could cause problems with your future as an educator or if you wanted to get government clearance to advance your career. Many sales positions with companies that sell to the government do security checks and your misdemeanor could cost you that lucrative government sales position. If you had plans on getting into law enforcement yourself, then being arrested for a misdemeanor could knock those plans right off the tracks as well.

Misdemeanors in Delaware are taken very seriously because they often lead to more violent crimes. If you have committed a misdemeanor in Delaware, then you need to hire an experienced attorney immediately to try and reduce the effects of the arrest on your permanent record. Misdemeanors such as disorderly conduct can be an indication of other issues in your personality that may require professional help. Don’t ignore the warning signs of larger issues in the future. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law in Delaware for any reason and you want to make sure that you get back on the right path, then get a good lawyer and plan for a better future.

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