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In the state of Delaware, there are several different ways in which a person can get into trouble with the law. Every person is expected to obey the law, but you also need to make sure that you have a trained professional on your side when things do go wrong. If you find yourself on the wrong side of a dispute with state of Delaware in any of these areas of law, then you should not hesitate to contact an attorney immediately. You will need professional legal representation to make sure that your rights are preserved throughout the process.

Drug Crimes

The landscape of drug crimes in Delaware changes constantly. Thanks to its close geographic proximity to large cities such as Philadelphia, the state of Delaware sees its share of more well-known drugs such as heroin and pot, and it is also exposed to new drug problems such as bath salts and the rise in the abuse of prescription drugs. A good criminal lawyer will offer assistance in areas such as:

Drug dealing is not the only issue that the people in Delaware get caught up in. Sometimes a person can get caught with drug paraphernalia and that can cause just as many legal issues. Any drug properties that you have in your possession when you are stopped by the police become items that can be used against you in a court of law. Instead of allowing the system to hand you the maximum sentence, you need to contact a good lawyer and get representation from a legal expert with experience.

The rise in meth labs being discovered by police is occurring all over Delaware. If you are arrested in such a case, then you need good legal representation before you talk to police. Be sure to contact an experienced professional to get the kind of assistance you require to help avoid doing an extended stay in prison. Sometimes good people wind up being caught up in bad situations, and an experienced attorney is often the only thing standing between you and a long stay in a state penitentiary. Make the right choice and get an experienced attorney on your side if you are ever arrested for a drug crime.

Drug DUIs

Being pulled over by the police when you are on medication can be a frustrating experience. Some of the more common medications that trigger drug DUI charges are:

In many cases, these are prescribed medications that a person needs as part of a pain management regimen. When the police sense a drug DUI situation, the medical condition of the driver is a factor. A good attorney will be able to help you navigate that kind of situation and get the law to understand that you are legally allowed to have those substances in your system and on your person.

Sometimes a drug DUI can be the result of illegal narcotics such as:

No matter what the circumstances may be of your drug DUI arrest, you should not take on the state of Delaware on your own. There are options you should be allow to explore that will get you the help you need while making it a little easier to get your license back. If you are caught driving while on a methamphetamine, then you need legal help and help with your addiction. A good attorney can find a way to give you the option of finding both solutions.

A drug DUI charge is a serious crime that carries serious penalties. If you find yourself in a situation where you have to defend yourself from state accusations regarding driving while under the influence of a narcotic, then make the right move and call an experienced criminal attorney. You will need an experienced attorney by your side who can explain your situation to you and then explore every option that may be available. You need someone on your side who cares and has the answers. That is why you need an experienced criminal attorney.


Being arrested under suspicion of driving while under the influence starts a long process of hearings, plea options and court dates. You could lose your license, you could face jail time and you could receive a fine. If you fail a Breathalyzer test, then you have only begun on a long journey that is designed to dissuade you from ever getting a DUI again. The best approach is to learn the lesson that the state of Delaware is trying to teach and then hire a good criminal attorney to take care of the rest.

In some special cases, such as people who drive commercial vehicles while under the influence, the process and consequences may be different. If you have never been arrested for DUI before, then you may qualify for a first offenders program, which will get you the help you need without the severe penalties that often come with a DUI. To help address these special kinds of circumstances, you need an experienced attorney. A good lawyer will be familiar with the process used in field sobriety tests and he will be able to walk you through your DUI process and help get the results you need to put the incident behind you.

People can get arrested for DUIs on mopeds and motorcycles. The crime is the same in the eyes of the state of Delaware. A good lawyer can also help in out of state DUI situations where you were arrested in someplace other than your home state. The process of working through a DUI is complicated, but that is why you would hire an experienced criminal attorney to walk you through the process and help you to understand how you can take the steps to put the entire event in your past and become a better person.

Juvenile Crimes

In the state of Delaware, special programs were developed that have helped the juvenile crime rate to drop significantly. Issues such as juvenile DUI and underage consumption used to be running rampant in Delaware. But the lawmakers of the state got together and decided to do something about the problem, and that resulted in the Juvenile Justice System. It is a system that works to rehabilitate juveniles and try to prevent them from taking up a life of crime. An experienced and professional criminal attorney is familiar with the juvenile crime initiatives in Delaware and has all of the experience you need to make sure that your juvenile gets his chance at redemption rather than a life of prison.

Juvenile crimes are serious business in the state of Delaware. A minor in possession of any kind of illegal narcotic can face time in a juvenile detention hall if he shows no willingness to reform. But an experienced legal professional understands the complex, but helpful, juvenile justice system in Delaware. He knows how to help youngsters get the help they need to stay out of prison and get back on the path towards a productive life.

The instances of juvenile crime in Delaware have dropped considerably in the past few years, but it is still a serious issue. Any juvenile that commits a crime is going to need an experienced attorney by his side to make sure that the process works to the advantage of the juvenile, and not against him. A good lawyer can get a juvenile through the initial process of being arrested and then help that juvenile to seek out the counseling and help he needs to avoid living a troubled life.


A person who is arrested for disorderly conduct may call the arrest the insignificant result of a night on the town, but that is not how the state of Delaware looks at it. A misdemeanor in Delaware could lead to:

  • Community service
  • Fines
  • Probation
  • Jail time

It is hard to laugh away your charge of being drunk in public when you are sitting in a jail cell. An experienced attorney can help you through some of the more common misdemeanor charges of urinating in public, reckless endangerment and the like. You will need an experienced criminal attorney to make sure that your charges do not escalate into something more serious. A good attorney will review your arrest reports, do interviews with you and witnesses and then work to come up with a solution that satisfies the state and helps you to meet your goals as well.

Some of the more serious misdemeanor charges are associated with the crime of harassment. If you are accused of offensive touching, then you may not even realize that you had committed a crime. A good attorney can help you to put everything in perspective and understand why you are facing a judge. As long as you have an experienced criminal attorney by your side, you will be able to present your case and get a fair judgment. It is dangerous to assume that the other party is wrong in their accusation. A good attorney knows how to handle these delicate situations and he can help you to present your side of the story in a way that the court will understand.

Misdemeanors should not be considered a nuisance. They are serious charges that the state of Delaware will prosecute. You need an experienced criminal attorney by your side to address these serious charges.

Property Crimes

There is no such thing as a victimless crime. When you commit a property crime, you may not have injured or affected someone directly. But your actions have caused pain and suffering in an indirect manner that the state of Delaware takes very seriously. Some of the more common property crimes are:

Sometimes good people can get caught up in situations that are a misunderstanding. If you are arrested for possession of shoplifter’s tools and those are actually the tools of your legitimate trade, then you need a good criminal attorney who can get the state to understand your side of the story. This kind of miscommunication does happen and it is always best to protect yourself by hiring a legal professional who understands how to present information to the courts in these kinds of situations.

Robbery is a serious crime that can have emotional and physical repercussions to the victims. If you find yourself being suspected of robbery, then do not hesitate to contact an experienced criminal attorney. The state of Delaware will prosecute robbery suspects to the fullest extent of the law. An experienced lawyer understands that you have a side to the story and would like to help you to present that side in a way that the court will accept.

When you are accused of a property crime, you could be facing fines and even jail time. Do yourself a favor and hire an experienced criminal attorney who understands the way the state of Delaware works and who can allow you your time in court. To get a fair trial, you need a good lawyer by your side.

Sex Crimes

In the state of Delaware, being convicted of a sex crime is something that will follow you for a large portion of the rest of your life. It is a delicate situation that you want to have handled properly, which is why you hire an experienced criminal attorney. Child porn, prostitution and rape are all very serious accusations that can change the rest of your life. You need to have your rights preserved and you need to be able to tell your side of the story in a court. That is why you need to hire an experienced attorney who has been through this process with clients in the past.

The sex offender registration and removal system is comprehensive in the state of Delaware. It can be easier to be added to the list, than it can be to get removed. It is the kind of history that affects where you live, with whom you associate, and where you can work for a very long time to come. If you feel that you are being treated unfairly by the system, then you need to get an experienced criminal attorney involved who can make sure that you get the chance to clear your name and avoid having your life altered.

When you are found guilty of a sex crime, a good lawyer continues to work on appeals and other processes that can help you to get back to a normal life. If you are arrested for a sex crime, then you will need to let your case go through the system. But you should never stand in front of the state of Delaware on your own. You need the guidance of an experienced attorney to make sure that your side is heard and the case against you is run properly.

Traffic Violations

At some point, just about every driver has to deal with traffic violations. They can seem like a minor inconvenience, but there is a proper way to handle these things. The DMV point system dictates how much you will pay in insurance premiums and it could even cause you to not be able to get insurance. Aggressive driving, disobeying traffic signals, excessive speeding, driving while your license is revoked, inattentive driving, and operating an unregistered vehicle are just some of the many different kinds of charges you can face in a traffic violation.

Any professional lawyer would urge you to take your reckless driving charge, or the charge of passing a stopped school bus, very seriously. There are processes that can be followed which will reduce your points and allow you to pay your debt, learn your lesson, and then move on with your life. If you do not bring an experienced attorney into the situation, then your charge of texting while driving could turn into a very expensive proposition.

Find an attorney who has plenty of experience in helping motorists who have been charged with driving with a suspended license, speeding and other serious traffic violations. If you are being pulled over for a traffic violation, your best approach is to be polite to the officer and comply with his instructions. Once you have received your citation, your next move is to contact an attorney to find out what your options are and what you can do to minimize the damage to your driving record.

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