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Possession of Marijuana Mandatory Minimum Sentences

Marijuana is one of the most common street drugs used in Delaware. People of all ages, races and socio-economic classes use it. Despite its popularity possessing marijuana is illegal in Delaware. If caught possessing marijuana you will face many severe and life altering consequences that will follow you around for years to come. It is a wise decision to consult with a skilled Delaware Marijuana Possession Attorney to discuss your case.

Delaware Marijuana Possession Laws

Possession of marijuana is a Class A misdemeanor (If applicable, can be subject to First Offenders Controlled Substances Diversion Program §4764). Despite it being a misdemeanor you will face serious consequences if convicted. It behooves you to retain an experienced Delaware Marijuana Possession Defense Attorney to help protect your rights. Furthermore, a marijuana possession charge often is bundled with other criminal charges such as intent to sell, manufacturing, or paraphernalia possession charges.

How a University of Delaware Marijuana Possession Attorney Can Help You

If you have been arrested on marijuana possession charges do not wait to call me, Delaware State University Marijuana Possession Defense Lawyer Brian J. Chapman. My Wilmington, Delaware criminal law office can be reached at 302-656-2528. You can also click here to email Newark Delaware Possession Of Marijuana Attorney Brian J. Chapman.

I proudly serve those charged with drug possession throughout all of Delaware.