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Reinstating A Drivers License In Delaware After A DUI

After getting a driving under the influence charge in Delaware your driver’s license will be suspended or revoked. You may apply for a reinstatement once the license suspension or revocation period expires. If your license has been suspended you can apply to have it reinstated. If it was revoked you will have to take the drivers license test in order to regain your driving privileges. A Driver’s License Reinstatement Attorney can help you through this difficult process.

Delaware Drivers License Reinstatement Requirements

1. You must be able to prove that you have completed the Alcohol Education Program, First Offenders Program or comparable program. the agency where you took and completed the course will send proof to the DMV.

You will have to pay a $125.00 fee, a $25.00 reinstatement fee if you license was suspended. If it was revoked you must pay a $143.75 fee.

2. If you have been convicted of a second or third offense DUI you will be made to install an Ignition Interlock Device for a period of time determined by the court.  This device will have to be on any vehicle you drive whether it be your personal vehicle or a business owned vehicle.

3. If your BAC was above .15% you will have to a Character Background Review.

4. You will have to undergo a Delaware Evaluation and Referral Program within 30 days of being referred.

5. Once all this is completed you can submit your reinstatement application and fees at any Delaware DMV.

Contact A New Castle County Delaware DUI Attorney

Contact Delaware Drunk Driving Defense Lawyer Andrew Rahaim to discuss your rights. With criminal law offices in Wilmington and Newark he can be reached by dialing 302-455-0505. You can also click here to email New Castle County Delaware DUI Attorney Brian J. Chapman.

Mr. Chapman also specializes in defending non-Delaware residents who have been charged with DUI in surrounding states such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia.