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Possession of Shoplifters Tools

If you are arrested for shoplifting in Delaware you may face additional charges such as trespassing and disorderly conduct. You may also face more severe charges if you are caught being in possession of shoplifters tool or shoplifters instruments. This is a separate charge that carries with it severe consequences if convicted. If you are facing Being In Possession Of Shoplifters Tools In Delaware you need to speak with a Delaware Property Crime Defense Attorney regarding your rights.

Call me, Wilmington, Delaware Shoplifting Defense Attorney Brian J. Chapman as I have the necessary experience to defend you. My office can be reached at 302-656-2528. I have an office on King Street in Wilmington, Delaware and serve the accused throughout the entire state.

Delaware Being in Possession of Shoplifters Tools Laws

ยง 860. Possession of shoplifter’s tools or instruments facilitating theft; class F felony

(a) A person is guilty of possession of shoplifter’s tools or instruments facilitating theft when the person possesses any tool, instrument or other thing adapted, designed or commonly used for committing or facilitating:

(1) Offenses involving shoplifting; or

(2) Offenses involving the overriding, disabling or evading of a security device without authorization.

(3) [Deleted.]

(b) “Security device” includes any lock, whether mechanical or electronic, or any warning device designed to alert a person or the general public of a possible attempt to shoplift any goods, wares or merchandise that are displayed for sale. “Security device” specifically includes, but is not limited to, any electronic or other device that is attached or affixed to any goods, wares or merchandise on display for sale in a mercantile establishment.

(c) A person possesses shoplifting tools or instruments facilitating theft “under circumstances evincing an attempt to use or knowledge that some other person intends to use such” when the person possesses the tools or instruments at a time and a place proximate to the commission or attempt to commit a shoplifting offense or otherwise under circumstances not manifestly appropriate for what lawful uses the tools or instruments may have.

(d) Possession of shoplifters tools or instruments facilitating theft is a class F felony.

Contact a Delaware Shoplifting Defense Attorney

If you’ve been charged with a property crime such as shoplifting, or even being in possession of shoplifters tools, do not hesitate to retain legal counsel from Delaware Defense Lawyer Brian J. Chapman. Call his office at 302-656-2528 or click here to email.