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Delaware Traffic Ticket Attorneys

In Delaware, facing a traffic violation or moving violation charge can present many issues to the accused. Conviction of a driving related offense can ultimately result in serious repercussions such as penalties, fees, fines, loss of driving privileges and increased insurance premiums. Furthermore, with loss of driving privileges you impact your employability and ability to get to and from necessary destinations such as school or work. If you have been faced with a traffic violation charge you should consult with an attorney to help with the situation. The Law Office of Brian J. Chapman can be contacted at 302-455-0505.

Delaware Traffic Offenses

The state of Delaware area is very busy with people going to and from school, work and other destinations. Unfortunately sometimes people may rush, drive inattentively or carelessly. While doing so they may also attempt to multitask and drive without giving their full attention to the road and those they share the road with. Driving in this manner is very dangerous and can result in getting pulled over for a traffic violation in Delaware. A traffic violation charge can impact your life on many levels. If your traffic offense is serious enough you may be at risk of losing your driving privileges, you may face increased insurance premiums and you may ultimately be looking at a jail sentence. If you are facing traffic crime charges in Delaware please do not hesitate consult with a Delaware Traffic Ticket Defense Law Office.

Traffic Violations are divided into 2 categories in the State of Delaware. The first category is non-incarcerable offenses meaning they are not punishable by a jail sentence. Moving violations such as speeding is an example of a non-incarcerable offense. Conversely, Vehicular Manslaughter is an incarcerable offense and these can result in jail time. A 2nd or 3rd DUI is also an example of an incarcerable offense.

Other Common Types of Delaware Traffic Offenses

Legal Representation for all Types of Traffic Offenses

You are required to appear in court if you are charged or accused of a serious traffic offense. This is true even in the event you are going to plead guilty. Failing to appear may result in a warrant for your arrest. Consequences regarding major traffic offenses may include being sentenced to jail, fines and restricted driving privileges. In addition your insurance carrier may use a traffic violation conviction as as justification for increasing your premiums or canceling your policy. The Law Office of Brian J. Chapman has extensive experience handling all types of major traffic offenses.

The State of Delaware uses a point system when monitoring traffic violations, even if they are minor offenses. If the offense is minor and could not result in jail time you can pay the assessed fine and not show up to court. It is also the same as admitting you are guilty of the offense. It is also important to bear in mind that ignoring a violation totally could result in a suspension of your license. If you are caught driving while your license is suspended that is punishable by jail, additional fines and points. Wilmington, Delaware Traffic Violation Lawyer Brian J. Chapman has been handling minor traffic violations throughout New Castle, Kent & Sussex Counties since 2002.

Contact a Delaware Traffic Ticket Defense Lawyer

If you have been accused of a traffic violation and want to protect your rights and driving rights contact Delaware Traffic Violations Defense Lawyer Brian J. Chapman at 302-656-2528. Or, you canĀ click here to email Mr. Chapman. The Law Office of Brian J. Chapman serves those accused of crimes and traffic violations throughout all of Delaware and its roads, highways and interstates such as: I-95, I-295, I-495, Rt 1, Rt 13, Rt 40, Rt 896, Rt. 2, Rt 4, Rt 113 and Rt 16.