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Pardons for Criminal Records

In Delaware, if you have been charged with and convicted of a crime as an adult you may apply for a Governor’s pardon. The majority of criminal convictions will allow you to apply for a pardon. Exceptions to this are traffic violations, sex offenses as well as any sort of public corruption offense. I am Delaware Pardon Attorney Brian J. Chapman and I can help you in determining if you are eligible to apply for a pardon.

Obtaining a Pardon on a Delaware Criminal Record

A Governor’s pardon is an act of executive grace. A pardon will eliminate and nullify any and all legal consequences of the conviction. What a pardon does not do is remove the conviction from your criminal record or the state of Delaware’s official arrest and conviction records. If/when you are granted the pardon it will be indicated on your criminal record that a pardon has been granted. In the future, perhaps when interviewing for a job, when you are asked ‘have you ever been convicted of a crime’? you must answer yes even though a pardon was given. You should also include that even though you were found guilty of a crime a pardon was granted.

Contact a Delaware Defense Attorney Specializing in Pardons

If you have been convicted of a crime in Delaware and are interested in being granted a pardon please call me, Delaware Pardon Lawyer Brian J. Chapman. I have many years experience handling criminal defense cases in Delaware on both sides of the law. I will work to get you the best possible outcome. Call me at 302-656-2528. You can also email the office directly to schedule your free initial consultation.

The Law Office of Brian J. Chapman handles pardons and all other types of criminal cases throughout all of Delaware including: Wilmington, New Castle, Newark, Bear, Glasgow, Middletown, Smyrna, Dover, Harrington, Milford, Georgetown,  & Seaford.